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Welcome to Ceylon Tour Tect

Sri lanka that can easily be described as one of a kind! Any Tour of this paradise will be of unique precious in its own way. “Tour tect” will promise" “Everything you need… all in one go...”

Find comfort, peace and serenity through,
  • Sri Lankan hospitality to all those who join us.
  • The Enjoyment of every last sip of pure Ceylon tea.
  • The delight in eating your Sri Lankan favourites from a various menus.
  • Sinking your feet in to the fine sand as you couple the magic of beach sitting followed by dining under brilliant, star -lit skies.
  • Listening to the wind or the whispers of waves.

Come... Enjoy & Step in to “Tour Tect”… Be Inspired….!

About Us

Ethically and responsibly working with partners who share our passion for the built environment and natural world.

What We Do

Seek inspiration in the sublime. Take pleasure in the exquisite discoveries & joys in every tour.

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